Q: Who is Abe Wagner?

Abe Wagner is a serial entrepreneur with one of the most diverse and inspiring backgrounds you’ll ever find. After moving out of his house at 15 and emancipating himself, Abe built his career entirely from scratch.

By 22, he was a trained mechanical engineer and inventor. He now has four patents to his name and a licensing deal with a multibillion-dollar organization: The UFC.

Abe also had a 12-year career as a professional mixed martial artist. By age 30, he was one of the top 25 heavyweight fighters in the world after knocking out the former UFC World Champion in just 32 seconds.

In the last two years, he has started two additional businesses: a construction company that did over $600,000 last year and a supplement distribution company that did over $2 million in its first 10 months.

Q: What is the 1600 Success Summit?

Every day, 1,600 Americans become millionaires.

During the 1600 Success Summit, you will witness how ordinary Americans are transforming themselves into millionaires and the simple steps you can take to replicate their success.

Plus, Abe will show you how he used these same methods to transform his life. These tried-and-true methods helped him change from living paycheck to paycheck to now banking more than $300,000 per month (all while working four hours per day, max).

Other topics Abe will cover during the summit include:

Q: I am not available to join the 1600 Success Summit on October 13, 2023, at 1:00 p.m. EST. What should I do?

Anyone that has registered for the 1600 Success Summit will receive a replay link following the 1 p.m. broadcast.

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Q: How can I receive more information about the 1600 Success Summit?

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