About Abe

Hi, I'm Abe Wagner.

Yes, I did this while I had a full-time, corporate job.

Most people know me as a professional MMA fighter. But that’s only one tiny piece of who I am and what I’ve done in my career.

Here’s what almost no one knows: While I was standing toe to toe in the cage with some of the best fighters on the planet, I also had a professional career at the same time.

Before I beat former UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia in 32 seconds (which catapulted me into the Top 25 Heavyweight rankings in the world), I was the director of finance and operations for a Fortune 500 company.

But even that doesn’t tell the whole story.

I’m also a serial entrepreneur with four companies, an inventor with four patents to my name, a forensic accountant… and I’m also a mechanical engineer.

When I tell people about my career, they think I’m crazy. They think I must work more than 16 hours a day, never taking a minute to rest.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, I typically work only four hours per day.

So how does someone working so few hours a day run multiple businesses and pull down more than $300,000 per month?

Well, I learned a critical lesson early in my career. And now I’ve made it my mission to share this secret to success (and many others) with as many people as I possibly can.

“Working Harder” Is NOT the Answer.

I can almost guarantee that at some point in your life, someone has told you, “hard work pays off.” I’m sorry, but that is complete BS.

Now, I’m not saying you should be lazy and never work toward any goal. What I’m saying is that simply “working hard” won’t get you anywhere.

Most of the people I know who “work the hardest” are actually the ones who struggle the most with money. It’s not their fault either. They’re smart, determined, and willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead.

But for most of their lives, they’ve been taught a series of lies about money that has completely limited their potential.

These lies are so pervasive that I’m willing to bet you’ve heard or been taught most of them yourself.

How do I know?

Well, I had to learn the hard way.

I wasn’t always successful. In fact, I grew up about as poor as you can imagine.

When I was young, my parents made less than $20,000 per year combined, and we lived in the projects.

It wasn’t pretty. My mom had to pick up needles in the yard before my brother and I could play outside.

When they did finally get a chunk of money from a medical settlement (about $80,000), it was completely gone within a year with almost nothing to show for it.

Fortunately, I was able to put myself through college and ended up living a firmly middle-class life for most of my 20s.

But I still hadn’t cracked the code to achieving actual wealth, and before long, I was back to being poor again.

While I had great jobs in my 20s, it ended up taking me until I was 35 to truly map a course to financial independence. I wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars along the way. Because I didn’t have anyone to show me the way.

Now, I want to show you how I made this transformation, the mistakes I made along the way, and how you can make 2021 your most profitable year yet.